Clontuskert Heritage Archive

In the course of its research into material for The Parish of Clontuskert - Glimpses into its Past, a considerable amount was collected. This included copies of the following: historic maps; land valuation records from the 1850s; the Tithe Applotment Books and Books of Survey and Distribution; historic newspapers from 1800; historic newspapers; material in the National Archive, the Registry of Deeds, the ESB Archive, the Architectural Archive; the Seymour Papers; the Pollok Papers; the Grand Canal records; historic photographs; family photographs donated by Clontuskert parishioners; research notes and audio-visual recordings taken by researchers in the Clontuskert Group; a small amount of artefacts; books used in researching the various chapters.

A repository for the safe storage of this material was therefore required. The Board of Management of St. Augustine's National School, have generously agreed to house this archive in a section of a room in the school. To this end, a suitable storage cabinet is being designed and constructed. Anyone wishing to access these records will be allowed to do so, once they have made an appointment with the school Principal.